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The German Bride: A Novel

The German Bride: A Novel - Joanna Hershon The German Bride is a tale of immigration and emancipation. Of life and loss. Of unfulfilled love. Eva Frank was the cosseted daughter of a wealthy German banker. Her life was idyllic; her bond with her family, especially with her older sister, Henriette, was unbreakable. But when Henriette is taken from her in a tragic accident - an accident that Eva, throughout the remainder of the story, believes to be her fault - the Frank family's world falls to pieces. Eager to escape her grief, Eva marries a man she doesn't love, but who has lured her with promises of a new life in the American wild West.
This novel, athough beautifully-written, left me feeling extremely depressed - not a very desirable state of mind. But, to be fair, others might enjoy Hershon's work enormously, as there is no doubt that she is a master of melancholic literary fiction.