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Six Mary Westmacott Novels (Giants' Bread / Absent in the Spring / Unfinished Portrait / The Rose and the Yew Tree / A Daughter's a Daughter / The Burden) - Mary Westmacott, Agatha Christie

       Many people are familiar with Agatha Christie's mysteries. We've grown accustomed to stumbling over bodies in libraries, discovering that seemingly innocuous, hen-pecked husbands are actually homicidal maniacs, and having perfectly innocent train rides turn into murder scenes. Oh yes, Agatha Christie, as the Queen of Crime, is a well-known, well-respected figure.
       But Mary Westmacott…who has ever heard of her? Her novels, full of psychology, romance, and the complexity of human relationships, are nothing like Agatha's spine-tingling who-done-its. This is the work of an extremely intelligent, highly-sensitive literary artist. But if you read closely…if you study the language, the sentiment, the well-crafted plot twists and turns…you begin to see the truth.
       Mary Westmacott is Agatha Christie, all right. But she's an Agatha who most people never bother to get to know. She's a softer, more vulnerable Agatha, an Agatha who is writing from the heart rather than the brain. If you're a true fan of the Queen of Crime, Mary Westmacott's novels are not to be missed