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666 Park Avenue

       I can never resist a novel about witches. There's just something about 'em that calls out to me. *Shrugs* So, when I happened upon 666 Park Avenue while perusing the shelves of my local library one day, I just knew I would have to give it a try.
       This is an extremely fun, fast-paced read. The plot definitely sucked me in, and the references to magic were, of course, extremely satisfying. The only aspect of the story that bothered me was the pacing. Pierce wrote wonderful scenes, filled with excitement, drama, and romance, but her descriptions of them seemed somewhat rushed. It felt as though she was in a terrible hurry to just "get on with" the story.
       Being as this is a trilogy, I will, of course, be reading the other two novels in the series. I just hope that, in her continued divulgence of the saga of Jane Boyle, Pierce is able to slow down a bit.